50, rue Amelot
75011 Paris
Open Tuesday to Saturday
(closed Sunday /Monday)

“We ran out into the moonlight toward the kitchen”

THE SOUND AND THE FURY, William Faulkner

Jean-Christophe Rizet
Jacky Ribault

Chef Jean-Christophe Rizet with Jacky Ribault

He commits with all his heart and soul. After fifteen years at La Truffière, first as second chef, then Michelin starred head-chef, Jean-Christophe Rizet then crossed the Seine to open Qui Plume La Lune in 2018. It was the beginning of a wonderful chapter… including retention of the star awarded to him in 2014.

For the last ten years, Qui Plume La Lune has been making big plans

Two restaurants in one

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of Qui Plume La Lune, Jacky Ribault and his wife, Valerie, engaged the help of interior designer, Caroline Tissier, to enlarge and redesign the restaurant, as well as Caroline Pfeiffer, of D’un Jardin à L’autre, to create a unique botanical space.

Botanical room
Mineral room